Bloody weekend in Jalisco

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Bloody weekend in Jalisco



The Attorney General (PGR) reported that in 24 hours 23 found murdered in different parts of the State of Jalisco, seven of which have been found in unmarked graves.

State police authorities reported the bodies of seven people were found in several mass graves in the town of Ejutla.

In preliminary information, the police spokesman explained there are four totally burnt bodies, which prevents identification by now. The other three are men and are in an advanced state of decomposition.

Also, in Lagos de Moreno, in the popular area of Los Altos de Jalisco, three municipal policemen were attacked by an armed commando who detained them at a dirt road leading to the villages and Ixtle La Mesa.

Two policemen died in that location and the third was admitted to a clinic.

Later, the gunmen arrived at the hospital and fired bursts against the facility. The criminals escaped and a police pursuit started.

While the police pursued the attackers, other gunmen entered the clinic. They gave the “coup de grace” to the policeman wounded in the first attack.

In the last few hours, a report mentioned the fining of two bodies wrapped in blankets in San Javier Hill subdivision.

In the road from San Miguel el Alto to San Julian authorities found two more bodies wrapped in quilts.

In Guadalajara metropolitan area, police found five more people dead in other events linked to local criminal gangs.

Two more people were shot dead, one in the bus station in the municipality of Ameca, and another in the streets of the colony Heliodoro Hernández Loza, east of the city, according to ADP.

A couple also was shot in the Mission neighborhood in Zapopan Forest, while another woman and another man were found dead in a gap known as Las Animas in Tlajomulco de Zuniga, south of the city of Guadalajara.