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Ex Sinaloa member`s youtube channel by Kalleklovn
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by B00Mer
Bodies found of 9 missing in Nuevo Laredo; Los Zetas suspected by B00Mer
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by B00Mer
Structure of CDN by leChef
14 replies,
by MaxiMillian2k19
Mexico’s President Thanks Trump for Offer to Help ‘Wage War’ on Cartels After Massacre of 9 Americans by B00Mer
13 replies,
by Parro
Commando assassinates state police in commercial plaza of Culiacán by BBfollower
2 replies,
by Parro
Just saw ‘this, by Catdog
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by Catdog
They find seven bodies inside vans in Tonalá, Jalisco. by BBfollower
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by BBfollower
Hard hit for CDN, Broly Trevi dies from a fent OD. by IVAN CHESNOKOV
4 replies,
by Wolf88
Lets talk BLO by 303
25 replies,
by Cuidado
El Chapo’s wife Emma Coronel Aispuro in talks to join VH1’s ‘Cartel Crew’ by TNL
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by TNL
Meth by Parro
17 replies,
by Parro
Ya wey ya bajate, no trae drogas 🤣🤣 by B00Mer
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by B00Mer
Servicio Social by B00Mer
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by B00Mer
Another Mexican Patriot by Parro
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by B00Mer
Mexico Misleads on Failed Arrest of ‘Chapo’ Son: Ex-DEA Official by Mica
89 replies,
by elrojo
Michoacan: Here We Go Again by El Guero
25 replies,
by Chivis
The death of CJNG's 'el ray' in Morelos prison riot by Slappy
6 replies,
by Slappy
40 skulls found in Tepito, Mexico by buggs
1 reply,
by Kye0001
There are 36 detainees in the Navy coup against Unión Tepito in CDMX by Char
12 replies,
by J
Arturo Pedroza Aguirre and the rise of the Gulf Cartel by leChef
16 replies,
by leChef
Searchers say 42 bodies found in Puerto Penasco by AZSon
1 reply,
by El Durazo
US govt seeks forfeiture of Mexican real estate under Rafael Caro Quintero by MX
9 replies,
by deelucky1
The AK-47 rifle bathed in gold and silver, supposed property of “El Mencho” of the CJNG by Char
11 replies,
by deelucky1
In Mexico, El Chapo's sons add brash new chapter to crime family by Mica
8 replies,
by Mica
Shootout in Culiacan by QUINTEROCULIACAN
158 replies,
by Char
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